Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This Might Keep Even Stan Busy The Rest of The Day (Maybe)

is one of the words that can be typed using just the keys in one row of a typewriter or computer keyboard.

There is only one word that can be typed using the bottom row of keys.

Any ideas?

These are my sources:
The Random House College Dictionary
Cambridge International Dictionary of English
Encarta World English Dictionary,North American Edition


The Phoenix said...

Geez, there are no vowels in that bottom row man!!!!

I sat there staring at my keyboard for a few moments...and now I think my eyes are rolling in the back of my head.

The only thing I can think of would be ZZZ, which I believe is in the dictionary. It's supposed to indicate sleeping.

stan said...

ZZZ is the right answer.

It's only 8:30...what am I going to do with the rest of my day? Work?

stan said...
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stan said...

Blogger's still acting funny, sorry about the double comment.

Meagan said...

Is ZZZ an official word?

Related comment: neighbor is a word that uses every other finger. Ooohh. Not revolutionary, but I find it interesting. :-)

Jim said...

Meagan -- it's not in all dictionaries, but it is listed as a word in those that I listed -- that was so easy, how about this one:

There is only one state that can be typed using only your left hand -- and only one state that can be typed using only your right hand -- what are they?

typing help

am I the only one who didn't realize F and J have little bumps????

stan said...

I never learned to type properly, so I am never sure which hands are supposed to type the middle keys: t, y, g, h, b, n. Seems like it should be obvious, but then again it's me we're talking about. My style is sort of a hunt-and-peck hybrid, using three fingers on each hand and the right thumb. I still manage about 45 wpm, using the backspace key about every four keystrokes.

Anyway, enough about my typing nerdery...I think it's Texas on the left and Ohio on the right.

Jim said...

you're right -- did you know about the little bumps on all the F and J keys -- they are so you know where to put your fingers (INSERT OWN JOKE HERE)

Meagan said...

I did know about the little F and J bumps. However, I'd never realized that was their reason!

Stan, you'd probably HATE my office keyboard if you truly are a "hunt&peck-er" because about 65% of the printed letters have actually worn off--when I just look down at the keyboard I don't know which key is which!

stan said...

Meagan - I also can't stand those ergonomic split keyboards.

Jim - The F and J bumps don't help me type without looking because my fingers don't know how far it is to all of the other keys from there.

To put it into perspective, I have to look down at just about everything I do with my hands (except using a mouse, oddly enough). Even though I grew to 6'2" in high school, I couldn't play basketball because I have to constantly look at the ball as I dribble it.