Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Come to my house, this might also help with my gopher problem

Plan ahead for World Jump Day -- "stop global warming, extend daytime hours, and create a more homogenous climate" -- all by 700 million people jumping at the same time, to shift the earth into a new orbit. Hey, they got charts so it must be true!


The Phoenix said... must be true. It should work, since the Earth is flat.

Jim said...

as best I can guess, it would be 52,500,000 tons of people jumping at one time, 72,000,000 times if they syop at Krispy Kreme on the way

[Note added: Mount Everest weight 357 trillion pounds.]

stan said...

The least believable part of that site is their claim that 377 million people have already signed up to participate.

Jim said...

probably won't work now that you lost all that weight! it's ALL your fault :)

stan said...

I think they were fooled into thinking that there were millions more people in the world. Little did they suspect that 1/3 of all blogs are written by one guy: me.

Jim said...

well, since you've been sick, the Internet has been moving a whole lot faster :)

if 700 million Chinese jumped at the same time, would the earth crack like an egg???