Thursday, December 29, 2005

An experience to shrink from

It's that time of year when your local TV station will run a story about your local "Polar Bear Club" -- those nuts who go swimming on New Year's Day in the coldest water available. If I recall correctly, the St. Louis group goes water skiing on the Mississippi River on January 1st. The folks above seem especially hardcore, note where they parked their car. My guess is that alcohol has had some influence on the group below.


The Phoenix said...

I thought the "Polar Bear Club" consisted of a bunch of old saggy men jumping in ice cold water. Looks like the fun is now being shared among a younger set.

Now...why do they do this again?
I have jumped into the ocean in 20-degree F air, 38-degree water, temperatures, but then I used to drink heavily.

This is an interesting Polar Bear site -- look at the pictures from the first year (1987) when it was just one kid, then how he gets a little older each year, then how it becomes a BIG deal.

siren said...

It must be a slow day in Wisconsin when jumping into freezing water seems like fun. And there's good reason people ski on the Mississippi and don't jump in it...ugh, it gives me chills just thinking about the stanky water.
I still think booze is at the heart of most such things, that and being very young. The kid that started the Wisconsin one grew up to be a physical therapist (I exchanged emails with him a few years ago) -- I thought there used to be more pictures for each year instead of those newspaper clippings. I think it's major interesting how one person doing something can grow into a major event can never find something that everyone wants to do, major jumping into freezing water would be good suggestion (at least, it would cool a few people off) :)

Carnealian said...

This is just craziness! But round here they do it to donate money to the Humane Society so I can't complain. But, you won't catch me doing it. I'd rather walk 10 miles in 100 degree weather than do this! I don't even have to worry about the "shrinkage factor!"
My comfort zone is exactly 72-degrees F and 45% humidity -- there are, therefore, exactly two days each year when I'm actually comfortable in St. Louis -- one in June and one in October.