Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tonight on HBO

"Feardotcom: A cop and a health inspector investigate a website that causes the death of those who visit it."

TV Guide's review is: "Familiar thriller with few chills." [Emphasis added.]

Familiar?? I've somehow missed the entire killer-website film genre, although I have been bored near to death by more than a few actual websites.

Anyway, here is a bit of dialog from the movie (Mike is the cop):
Mike: I hate germs, and... diseases.
Terry: What about bugs?
Mike: Pretty much hate them too.
Terry: You know you sleep with bugs?
Mike: What?
Terry: You - sleep - with - bugs.
Mike: No, I, I-I-I don't, actually.
Terry: Yeah, you do. Everyone does. Dust mites. They're in your carpets, in your bed. They look like little lobsters. You know, in fact, they're distant relatives.

The sequel is about a movie that kills you if you watch it. Well, actually, they just show this one a second time.

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