Thursday, November 17, 2005

Now This Is Just Sad

I was watching Roseanne reruns on Nick@Nite in the wee hours of this morning and I realized that the Conner family and I have the same dinner plates (above)! You just know that they sent someone out to buy the most tacky and chintzy plates possible, something to go with the frumpy wallpaper and innocuous kitchen linoleum. I bought mine because they were dishwasher safe, but I guess they are kind of tacky.


Meagan said...

Perhaps tacky, yet famous! And famous usually overrules tacky, doesn't it?

love meagan

Jim said...

Rooty has neer complained about them

Willow said...

I've got you outdone. Whether it's Anne of Green Gables or Andy and Opie or Ma & Pa Kettle, they all sit down to my dishes, Blue Willow.

Blue Willow, the china that says "I'm a modern girl of the 1890's."

Jim said...

this isn't you and Bruan is it????

a Blue Willow family

Willow said...

No that really isn't us! And even if it were, I wouldn't admit to owning that outfit!