Thursday, November 17, 2005

Do As I Say, Not As I Doodle

The local university is taking some heat. It seems that the welcome page to it's school of business website, supposedly a personal greeting from the current dean, appears to be a combination of the wording used by the previous dean and by the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business on it's graduate admission's website. Oops. The campus newspaper was quick to call it plagiarism, a serious offense at a university, that can get you flunked or kicked out.

The official policy for students -- "The university recognizes plagiarism as a serious academic offense. Plagiarism, the act of representing the work of another as one's own, may take two forms. It may consist of copying, paraphrasing or otherwise using the written or oral work of another without acknowledging the source, or it may consist of presenting oral or written course work prepared by another as one's own."

The "dog ate my home work excuse" -- "It is the same as it was when [the previous dean] was here [about five years ago]," the present dean said. "I don't even know who wrote this."

The "I didn't inhale excuse" -- Regarding the information from the USC website, the present dean said, "The fact that it is identical to a public statement at another school ... If you asking me if that troubles me … I don't think so, given that it is true and applies to our faculty."

The "faulty but not misleading excuse" -- "There is no intention to misrepresent any thing with the School of Business through any of the statement made on the School of Business Web site," the present dean said.

Please note: Much of the above was blatantly plagiarized from "School of Business plagiarizes Web material," by Ted McKinney, in The Alestle Online (ALton, E. ST. Louis, Edwardsville, get it?) -- there is no copyright notice on the online pages.


JK said...

Hey Jim, great site ... it's refreshing to find a site that's not about babies, religion, or someone's boring life. Great stuff. I plan on being a regular.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Actually, according to the law, there's no actual need to place a copyright notice on things. A few years back, the US signed onto an international pact known as the Berne Convention. It's a bit dreary to explain but the upshot is once something is put to paper/pixels/whatever, copyright is automatic. We still do it in the US due to custom and also that the Berne doesn't completely cover copyrights in the US-just the basic stuff.

Oh, and BTW...welcome back. It's good to see you. I missed the Rooty pictures. My The Wife™, by the way, thinks he's adorable.

Jim said...

you have a common law copyright but you have to prove you were the original author -- if copyrighted, the infringer has to prove he/she is the original author -- that's a BIG difference -- I'll post some new Rooty pictures soon, just have not had the time -- he came in the house a few days ago with a baseball in his mouth, I have not idea where he found it (it had to be in the yard)

Jim said...

JK -- thanks for stopping by, the blog is mostly about road signs, Rooty the Dog and McDonald's

The Phoenix said...

A LOT about McDonald's. Welcome back buddy, I missed you (sniffle).

Jim said...

we just got back from McDonald's, and I'm going back now w/o Rooty so I can go inside and see the pictures one of the girls took on her trip to the Caribbean :)