Sunday, November 13, 2005

I thought there was a boy-band vaccine!

Did we just not learn anything from the whole*NSYNC/Backstreet Boys era? Weren't laws passed? Weren't medical experiments conducted? Wasn't Justin Timberlake deported? Wasn't Nick Lachey one of the original Monkees? The following report is from the Associated Press:

"AP BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn., Nov. 13, 2005: Police shut down a suburban shopping mall Saturday after screaming fans of the boy band B5 rushed the stage during a free concert, grabbing at the band members' clothing and overwhelming the small team of security guards. "Things were falling off the stage, girls were falling off the stage, girls started fighting," said Theresa Curtis, who was working at a store near the stage."

Arg! I was sure that overly-synchronized choreography and pubescent lip-syncing had been declared public nuisances.

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