Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Love Wounds All Heals

Love ain't easy, but it's better than having to watch UPN:

In Texas, of course, the State's Attorney General has ruled that the Kerr County Tax Assessor-Collector cannot marry the Kerr County Tax Appraiser, albeit they be of different sexes, because of the state's nepotism laws. The bride-to-be has graciously offered to wait three years and then not run for reelection. No word on how long the would-be groom is willing to wait.

According to the Italians, if he can wait a year, he won't care all that much. It seems that they have discovered that falling passionately in love is triggered by a molecule known as the nerve growth factor (NGF), but the passion only lasts one year. After a year with the same lover, the quantity of NGF or the 'love molecule' in the blood falls to the same level as that of everybody else. This, of course, is why we have prenupts.

And, finally, word comes from Australia that prostitutes as old as 70 continue to ply their trade in small towns in rural Australia. It seems them Australian city folks want younger and more attractive sex professionals, so the older ladies hit the road to visit with them country gentlemen. [There is absolutely nothing that I could add to the end of this paragraph that would not offend someone. So no jokes about a new meaning to the phrase "street walker."]


stan said...

And no jokes about removing their teeth.

The Phoenix said...

And please please please no jokes about senior citizens discounts

Jim said...

stan and phoenix made me post these, I do not even know what they mean:

"How old was the prostitute?" "She wanted to be paid in Confederate money."

"How old was the prostitute?" "I asked her for half and half, she gave me coffee with cream."

"How old was the prostitute?" "She asked me what I wanted. I said '69.' She said 'Close.'