Monday, November 21, 2005

All Those Trips To Nuevo Laredo Finally Paid Off

Went to Lowes yesterday to buy a leaf blower -- the sign on the shelf said there would be a rebate on the cash register receipt, there wasn't -- after much todo, the asst. manager finally walked back to the display -- the rebate had expired but the date was only on the English side of the sign which was not showing, there was also a Spanish side and that is what was showing and it had no expriation date -- Leí Español, so I didn't flip the sign over -- she gave me a 10% discount on the leaf blower (roughly: descuento del 10% en el soplador de la hoja) .


stan said...

I'm concerned that you may have a leaf-blower addiction, Jim. Didn't you just buy a big blower earlier this year?

Jim said...

so, so many possible answers going through my head!!!!!!!!!!!!

the new one is battery-charged and is meant to just clean off the sidewalks and driveway ("electric broom") -- to Rooty it is just another "dustbuster" that he wants to kill