Saturday, October 14, 2006

You deserve to be broken in two today...

McDonald's was chaos today -- it's Saturday -- and Big Macs are a buck on days the Cardinals have a playoff game.

The drive-thru line stretched into the parking area.

A white sedan was in the way of a car backing out of a parking space. The car was about half-way out, waiting for the drive-thru line to move. It finally did. The white sedan pulled forward. The car that was ready to leave was ready to go. Then, the giant Ford Expedition, with the seven, yes seven, religious stickers on the back, quickly pulled up to where the white sedan had been. It was a Fried Green Tomatoes moment but the car trying to leave waited until the line moved again -- and I didn't move up until he had backed out and left.

Rounding the curve to the order-menu, I could her the lady who had just placed her order say "And I'll have that to go." Then she just sat there, I guess she was expecting someone to bring her order to her where she was. Finally, the order-taker repeated "Please pull to the first window."

Rounding the corner to the pay-window, I could hear the guy in back of me arguing that he wanted three Big Macs for a buck each, and yes he knew that the limit was two, but he wanted three.

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Tim said...

Some folks just expect the world handed to them on a silver platter, and can't see otherwise for the blinders they're wearing.
they just like to see if they can push 18 year-lds around, which is sick!