Sunday, October 15, 2006

The shallow end....

I'm giving more thought to having a pool installed. Since there's nobody that I know who I would want to see in a swimming suit, however, the biggest expense would be having to hire good-looking people to hang out around the pool.


Tim said...

Let me know how that turns out.
if you doubt for a second that I would do it, you have not been paying attention! ;)

Tim said...

Oh, I do not doubt for a moment that you nor anyone else would do it, but more a matter of whether or not you could do it. Some will do anything for money . . . almost anything. ;)
I wonder where you go to hire soap-opera people, they're attractive, and only seem to work for five or ten minutes each day so they should have the time

stan said...

You can hire me, I'm looking pretty fit and trim these days.
Recent photo of Stan
Stan, that's you after two years of marriage :)

Shouldn't you be practicing walking or something instead of blogging!!!!!!!!!