Monday, October 02, 2006

How old were you, and was it legal?

It really depends upon where you were, your age, and sometimes the other person's age.

Here is a chart showing the worldwide ages of consent by country and state

If there are two numbers listed -- 14/18 -- the first number usually refers to persons very close in age, the second if there is a big age difference or the other person is over 21 (it varies by state)

When I was 12 I couldn't find my way home from school by myself much less be needing a condom!


Pixie said...

Canada 12 ? that shocked me!
it's that frontier spirit, and the booze

The Phoenix said...

Male-male or female-female in Iran is "Illegal." That's great!
but making a nuclear bomb is ok

:P fuzzbox said...

Your pic got me thinking about the upcoming Screech porn tape. Now that should be illegal.
wow -- talk about body parts even a doctors should not have to look at!!!!!!

I thought one of the girls was in soft porn right after the show ended???