Thursday, October 26, 2006

Be careful what you wish for...

Every five years they lower the lake so people can fix their seawalls. [Yes, I know, but it's like chandelier, it makes no sense.]

When they lowered the lake five years ago, it rained for five weeks.

This year we have had a terrible drought all sumer, with water restrictions, and we're 3,000 inches or something below average rainfall.

Then, of course, they started to lower the lake. It has pretty much rained every day since, including a rain out of Wednesday's World Series game in St. Louis.

The lake is usually about half-way up the rocks in the foreground, it has about two more feet to go down, which will take it another six feet or so from my shoreline. The yellow line is leaves -- marking the level of the lake yesterday.

The rubble is what's left of my seawall, I'm having it replaced.

What looks like rocks in the mud is actually the remains of thousands of freshwater clams, plus a few beer bottles. You have to ask yourself, "What kind of jacka$$es throw glass bottles into a lake?"


Bruce said...

So, it's your area is responsible for all this rain? Keep it's working. :-)
pity they didn't lower it in July!!!!!

David Amulet said...

I have never understood littering. How hard is it to just keep a bottle or can for a few minutes and throw it away later?

-- david
apparently too hard for some of the locals!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Phoenix said...

At least there aren't any dead bodies. Be thankful.

Also, at least those pooping Canadian geese have left.
the dead bodies are in the Mississippi, it's kind of a local tradition.

the geese are still in the corn fields eating what falls on the ground during harvest