Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The sun never sits on silly!

Many news sites group humorous stories under banners such as Oddly Enough or Strange News of of Day. These are usually fun to read, and I've based many post on them over the years.

On the other hand, you can also go to any British news site and usually find even odder stories mixed in with the regular news. Today, I went to the Daily Mail site:

Could age laws spell the end for office birthday cards? --
Workers have been warned against circulating or signing 'ageist' greeting cards that make light-hearted references to age, such as being over the hill. So much for the classic "You're not getting better you're getting older." "Under rules that came into force this month, staff can take legal action if they feel they have been harassed or victimised due to their age." Or, they could just take the stick out of their collective butt and be grateful someone remembered their birthdays.

Is this 27-year-old cat Britain's oldest moggy? [A moggy is a cat, especially of mixed breed] -- The kitty, Bungalow Bill, was found by Dorothy as a stray in 1980. When Dorothy died 15 years later, BB went to live with her sister Ruby. When Ruby died four years after that, BB went to live with Ruby's son John. Am I the only one who thinks this cat might be a jinx?

Dog eats dead master and his wife -- The dog ate two people, not it's own doggie wife.


The Phoenix said...

I think it's great how odd news is mixed in with mainstream stuff in Britain. It makes for entertaining reading.
it's like the small town radio stations that play rock, country, and beautiful music in no obvious order, plus the local obituaries

Tim said...

So much for being "man's best friend". At least the coroner had little to go through.
you also have to wonder why no one checked on these people for several weeks?????

Bruce said...

I guess this means if I lived in Britain, I wouldn't be getting anymore birthday cards...

Anonymous said...

My dad subscribed to the London Times for years and he mostly did so for laughs. I would visit him and he would have certain articles marked for me to read. I do remember once that there was an article about a woman who went to the hospital for treatment because her dog had bit her. Then, this followed with a story about her dog being treated at a vets because she bit him back.