Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm alive! I'm alive!

Some one, or some things, nuke my blog earlier today -- all you probably saw was a blank page.

I was finally able to 'republish' the entire blog successfully!!!!!


Tim said...

Blogger is fickle that way. Although - knock on wood - I'm amongst the few to have any problems yet. Major ones, at any rate.

Something tells me I should back up all of my posts and my template on disc.
it was one of those things where I thought the problem was here -- I kept trying different browers, PC and MAC, every kind of diagnostic program that I could think of, then dah, I realized there simply were no files there

Tim said...

You've got to love those blank moments we humans have. :)
I weaved through the hills west of St. Louis on Sunday evening to avoid the four lanes of dead-stopped traffic on I-44 -- MO109 to the Old State Road to Manchester Road to Clarkson Road to Highway 40 (I-64) -- only to miss the simple dedicated-lane turn from 40 to I-270 North -- it was probably the series of 35-foot "270 North CHICAGO" signs that confused me -- dah