Saturday, October 28, 2006

What a relief!

Well, they finally found out how the E. Coli got on the spinach, causing the deaths of three people and making over 200 people ill in the USA and Canada. Darn if it wasn't wild pigs running through the California spinach fields. I certainly feel a lot better. From now on, however, I'm going to insist that my spinach come only from fields where the hoards of wild boars pillaging about are not infected with a deadly bacteria.


Carnealian said...

OK, wild animals have been roaming through our fields for centuries. And this is the first time there is and E Coli outbreak? Does this seem like they played roulette to come up with the reason for this or what?
I would just prefer if they kept the wild pigs out of the fields

Tim said...

It's E Coli-spreading Californian wild boar piglim terrorists!!!

Actually, I have a disturbed picture in my head of boars dancing around with little baskets, taking pinches of E Coli and happily sprinkling it in the spinach rows. Perhaps I shouldn't make any comments or posts before 10 am.
vodka on your Wheaties may not be the best idea

stan said...

Last night on the way home from Kansas, we almost crashed into a dozen wildly roaming cows along the pitch-dark road. I wonder now if they were carrying any diseases.
the big danger this time of year are the deer, they move much faster than cows