Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A clear trend is developing...

Some of you might recall that I recently put my cell phone through the washing machine. It was cleaner but of otherwise little further use.

Tonight I did the same thing with my check book (above).

Rooty's hiding under the bed -- can you blame him?


Tim said...

Poor Rooty - Damn, Jim . . . you're becoming as forgetful as I. Perhaps you should laminate everything non-waterproof. ;)
I've murdered many a Kleenex in that washing machine!

The Phoenix said...

That's almost as bad as having a crayon go through the drier.

Oh well, thank God for online banking and debit cards.
a "crayon in the dryer" -- was it one of your favorites??? :)

Metal Mark said...

I have washed two cell phones in the washer over the last two years.
I think it's the basis of the whole cell-phone industry -- the profit is in replacements for spun-dried phones

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rooty. Jim, where do you keep your checkbook that it ends up in the laundry?? You need a keeper, probably a wife. Think about it.
I need padded rooms and paid professional attendants!!!!!!!!

stan said...

Caption for the photo: "Jim hasn't yet grasped the concept of money laundering"