Monday, October 09, 2006

Ritual Routine

Do you put your house to bed at night?
And wake it up in the morning?

Rooty and I spent a few days with someone who has a well-established procedure for closing down the house at night and waking it up in the morning.

Empty wastebaskets from all rooms, in specific order, and take outside to the trash.
Dogs get late night treat.
Dogs go outside.
Furnace/AC is reset for night.
All storm doors are locked (deadbolts) in specific order.
All outside doors are locked in specific order.
All blinds are closed in specific order.
All draperies are closed in specific order.
Some TV's turned off, others turned on, in specific order.
Security system turned on, outside lights turned off.
Table lamps turned off room by room, in specific order.
All doors are rechecked, in specific order.
Ceiling lights in hallway turned off.

Draperies opened, specific order.
Blinds opened, specific order.
Exterior doors opened specific order.
Family room TV turned on.
Security system turned off (so dogs can go out).
Everyone has peach juice for breakfast.

My routine at home is a little different.

When I get tired, I go to bed.

When I get up, I turn off all of the lights and TV's that I left on when I went to bed the night before.


Christy said...

Your routine and mine are an awful lot alike.

If I did all that other stuff before going to bed, I'd be awake.
I left out the part about watering the plants

Bruce said...

Can you say OCD?
I'm dyslexic, I'd say 'cod'

Scott said...

Sounds a little anal to me
it does get a little tiresome

:P fuzzbox said...

Better safe than sorry, I suppose. But if they have a spreadsheet that they must checkoff then that might be a bit anal.
it's the German ancestry

stan said...

Every day you complete all of the items on the checklist in order, you get a gold star. Every day you fail, you get beaten in the teeth with two lead pipes.

Isn't that the way every house is run?????
there are not enough gold stars in North America

Emily said...

reminds me of something i saw on a message board signature:

"I have CDO. it's like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, only alphabetically like it should be."
I don't understand

Metal Mark said...

Before I go to bed I lock the doors and turn off lights in no real order. I also make sure the cats have food in their bowls. That's about it and I didn't always do the lights and locks thing until we had kids.
I do check Rooty's water bowl each night.