Thursday, October 12, 2006

I can see clearly now, the kook has gone...

had to go to eye-glasses place today to pick up some lenses.

thirty-something woman beat me to the door.

25 minutes later she was still arguing with the woman at the counter.

annoying woman had had her eyes examined and was given 'temporary' contact lenses.

she was supposed to come back a week later to see how the 'temporary' lenses had worked and to order regular contact lenses.

they called to remind her.

she dropped by today to pick up more 'temporary' lenses, having never returned for the week-later visit.

oh, did I forget to mention that her initial visit was in January.

that's right, ten months later she shows back up, and wanted freebies.

she was told that she would have to have her eyes reexamined before a prescription could be written because it had been more than three months, for another $65 dollars, or she could wait until January 2007 when her insurance would pay for an annual exam.

no, she could not wait -- because her husband likes her in contacts.

no, the 10-month delay was not her fault because she has three kids and they keep her so busy she had no time for herself (she had no kids with her, they were in school).

note that, in effect, she was saying that she did not have time to visit the optometrist during the past ten months because ten years ago neither she nor her husband could follow the instructions on a box of condoms.


Tim said...

If it weren't from your location, I'd almost think that were my ex-wife. It certainly sounds like something she would do.
maybe your ex has relatives locally, or a sister coven!

I actually left a few things out of the post -- annoying-woman first argued that she had her eyes examined two months ago and had paid $65 at that time, then it was four months ago -- she seemed not to grasp the concept of computerized patient records --

she had been there both two and four months ago, but with complaints about her glasses (again not grasping the concept of computerized patient records) -- and she was not charged for either visit as a courtesy --

then, she switched strategy -- the initial exam had cost $65 and not $100 because she had some sort of coupon -- the coupon was for $35 off an office visit OR 50% off a year's supply of contact lenses -- so now, if she had to pay another $65 for an exam, could she also get the 50% of the contact lenses (this time not grasping the meaning of the word 'or') -- note they were already being very generous by offering to honor the same coupon a second time ten months later

Bruce said...

This just reaffirms my notion that people are idiots...
BTW, thanks for the reminder; I need to go see my eye doctor.

stan said...

If I was the person at the counter, I'd have said, "Sure, we'll give you 50% off," then given her one contact lens instead of two.