Monday, October 23, 2006

Odd things I know from watching the Discovery Channel

The locks in the Panama Canal were built to hold the Titanic and other ships of her size.

The Hindenburg was almost the same size as the Titanic.

The lights on the Titanic stayed on under water as the ship sank because electricity was relatively new and no one had invented fuses.

The Rothchilds frequently marry first cousins in order to keep the money in the family.

The Rockfeller brothers provided the initial funding for Eastern Airlines and Pan American Airlines -- and Apple and Intel.

As an independent city Brooklyn would still rank as the fourth most populous in the United States.

The moon rotates at exactly the speed necessary to keep the same face towards earth.

The urban legend that a baby born on an airliners flies free for life is not true in the sense that it is required. In the few known instances of airborne births, the babies have been given lifetime flight privileges by the individual carriers. A baby born on a BART train was given a lifetime pass.

And, the Area Code for Antarctica is 672.


The Phoenix said...

So maybe if a baby is born in the mall, they get to eat for free at the food court?

I had no idea the Rothchilds married first cousins. Fascinating.

Bruce said...

I remember at the beginning of every episode of Welcome Back Kotter seeing a sign that read "Brooklyn, 4th largest city in America", or something to that effect.
And is it any wonder the Rothchilds strongly resemble Britain's Royal Family?
yep, it still is! I have been trying to remember who was Borough President on that sign.

in both instances, you would think that with all that money, well, you know

sleepyrn said...

And to think, I learned all those same facts without having to turn on the TV. "Discovery Blog".