Saturday, August 12, 2006

While I was away the Hardee's in town closed!

I guess I wasn't the only to gag every time I saw a Hardee's commercial.

NOTE: Here is a link to the Harhee's commericials.


starbender said...

I have never eaten at a hardys--
guess I'm one of the lucky ones!
I found the one that closed to be very inconsistent -- and empty since they switched to the new pricey menu and those awful ads

moni said...

I loved Hardees but they don't have them out west. At least I haven't seen any west of Kansas. At any rate, I have missed the terrible commercials, lucky me!
When I traveled the Kansas Turnpike, I-35, I always stopped at Hardees for their breakfast, yum!
their breakfest is better than McDonald's --

odd footnote: I once drove the entire length of the Kansas Turnpike in a fog so thick you could not see the end of the car hood -- but you could see the glow of the little roadside reflectors so I just kept driving -- it's one of those things that made sense at 19

Scott said...

If I remember right, out here in the west, Hardees is Carl's Jr. Which I haven't seen up here in Washington, I do remember them down in Oregon.
CKE owns Hardee's, Carl Jr, and a Tex-Mex chain -- Carl Sr is in prison :)

Bruce said...

I hate, hate, hate those Hardees/Carl's Jr. commercials. Whoever dreamed up that ad campaign should be drawn and quartered like William Wallace.
oddly, that's were the idea for the four-patty cheeseburger originally came from.

Jeff said...

I haven't eaten at a Hardees for at least 22 years. Perhaps it's because I eat very rarely at fast food joints, but I think it's primarily because I don't believe a philly on top of a big burger can be good for me. To each their own.
my guess is that their target market is construction workers who want a really filling lunch, and of course guys with the munchies

Siren said...

They closed all of the Hardees in this area several months ago. No notice, they just shut it down. I felt bad for the employees.
the name of the game is to increase order size, which is why they combo Taco Bells (low $ orders) and KFC or Backyard Burgers (high $ orders) -- Hardee's is just so annoying about it, like playing heavy metal to keep older people from gather in the morning over coffee