Monday, August 07, 2006

Rooty and I are back

While we were away, I had lights installed in two closets. The red arrow in the photo points at the switch in one of the closets. I'm 6-foot -- if I stand on my toes I can just barely touch the switch. The switch in the other closet is exactly the same Magic-Johnson heigth from the floor!

It's going to take a few days to get things organized now that we're back!!!!


:P fuzzbox said...

Nice to see you back. I hope it was a great vacation.
thanks, nice to be away, except for the looney closet light switches nice to be home

Jeff said...

How was the vacation? Where did you go?
ironically, to a house on a lake :)

I rented a house on a much bigger lake, with woods on three sides

Bruce said...

Welcome back. Hope your house survived that nasty weather a couple weeks ago.
pure dumb luck -- the electric was only out for about seven hours -- the houses on the other side of the lake lost power and water for about five days -- glad I was away -- the housesitter sent a picture to me from during the second storm, it was like midnight but actually the middle of the afternoon (and I still do not undertstand why they did not let all those people into the vast spaces below the seats at Busch Stadium????)

hope the worst missed those of you in the area!!!!!!!!

Ranea said...

Glad your back. I hope you and Rooty had a blast.
Who installs light switches that high? Now you need the clapper for the closet.

Metal Mark said...

Welcome back, Jim. Hope you had a good time on your vacation.
it was fun -- Rooty will still not go swimming, he thinks it's some sort of trick I'm trying to pull on him, but he will wade along the edges

siren said...

Glad to see you back, Jim.

Easy solution for the cathedral light switches...platform shoes.

it was entirely my fault of course for not saying "And don't put the light switches on the, you know, ceiling."

moni said...

Hi Jim, good to see that you and Rooty made it back ok. Light switches high up huh, well, I am not really short, but at 5'3", I can barely reach the first shelf on my kitchen cabinets. Need a little stool to get my stuff and I don't know why builders don't understand that everyone is not 7' tall. My rant for the day.
on the other hand, all plumbers are obviously 5'3" -- which is why shower nozzles hit most of us mid-chest rather than head-height!!!!! that's my rant de ju

Pixie said...

Welcome back Jim.
Get a little step stool for the closet ;)
nothing makes a good step stool like the dead body of an electrician if he doesn't come and fix this soon! :)