Monday, August 21, 2006

Fun headlines from last night...

Emmys Burstyn with Controversy -- Ellen Burstyn is nominated this year for an Emmy for best supporting actress for a 15-second appearance in HBO's Mrs. Harris.

Pay up, or we break your ladyfingers ... -- The Akron, Ohio, Girls Scouts are pursuing 12 court claims totalling $9,000 in Akron, Ohio, for uncollected cookie money ranging from $54 to $3,500. The Scouts say the deadbeats, all adults, picked up cookies and signed for them but never paid up.


Metal Mark said...

I like the cookie story. I think I have bought maybe six boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my life.
they never come to my house, could be the "Avoid Being Shot Keep Out" signs

Scarlett said...

What's wrong with those people in Akron?! How can you rip off a Girl Scout! Shame on them!
especially the person who got them for $3,500 -- that's a lot of cookies

Ranea said...

The Girl Scouts should do their fund raisers like the group I was in as a little girl. I was in Camp Fire Girls and we sold candy door to door. No taking orders that they will back out of later that way.
for some group or other, I remember selling "World's Finest Chocolate" bars

Amy in StL said...

I don't ever remember giving cookies to people without getting a check or cash in return. I was a Girl Scout for 10 years. What are they teaching these girls? You never give it away for free!

:P fuzzbox said...

A 3500 buck order of cookies. Will they put a hit out on the Cookie Monster?