Thursday, August 17, 2006

Remember his guy?

His name is Lucky Vanous.

He was a question on a rerun of Millionaire that I watched this evening.

Don't remember him, neither did I, until Regis said what he's famous for: he was the guy in a widely-successful Diet Coke commercial where women were ogling him from their office window (circa 1994).

He's done a few show biz things since and has a workout video.

Why do a post about him? How about this: Lucky joined the Army at 18 and worked his way up to become a member of the elite First Airborne Ranger Battalion (the Army's elite anti-terrorist and anti-guerilla response team), earning the right to wear the black beret. He served on the demolition squad, learned how to seize hostile airstrips and military facilities, specializing in low level parachuting and attending military schools including Special Forces Underwater Diving.


:P fuzzbox said...

I had no idea that he had done all that stuff. And after all of those accomplishments he will always be known as the Diet Coke Guy.

he cries all the way to the bank :)

here is a link to his workout video, you can get in shape and learn how to seize a hostile airstrip

moni said...

He is seriously cute. :-)
actually, my identical twin!!!!!!!

still having the Monson???????

Scarlett said...

I certainly see why any woman would oogle at Lucky!