Sunday, August 13, 2006

Only works with mint...

Plan A: Put mint-flavored Mentos candy in your mouth. Take a really, really big gulp of Diet Coke.

Plan B: Open a liter bottle of Diet Coke. Drop in mint-flavored Mentos candy.

Notes. With Plan A, Diet Coke will come squirting out of you nose, ears, and other orifices. For professional stunt idiots only. Do not attempt at home. With Plan B, you will have a Diet Coke geyser, or a Diet Coke rocket ship, or a Diet Coke thingy twirling around at the end of a rope. Both Plan A and B will work with Diet Pepsi but that's for wimps, you know, like using an iMac.

There are about 1500 Mentos and Diet Coke films on youtube -- click here -- proving yet once again that teenagers have way too much money and idle time!


Siren said...

I have to try it, I'm sorry. Stunt idiot is my middle name (SI for short)

I found a similar reaction with Sprite and Circus Peanuts. Ask Phoenix how that works, it's quite amusing.
I thought Phoenix had been banned from the circus after the, you know, elephant incident!!!!

Take pictures!

:P fuzzbox said...

I have seen several of those clips. But none involving orifices. That might make one heck of a film.
be sure and post it, the Phoenix Geyser

Amy in StL said...

I've always felt that any other flavor of Mentos was just wrong anyway.
I've always felt Diet Coke was just wrong, isn't that what Tab is

The Phoenix said...

I saw this's amazing. I have to believe both of those guys are unemployed.

As far as the circus peanuts and sprite...let's just say I had no idea how intricate the nasal cavities really were until I experimented with those two evil elements.

Never believe Siren when she tells you, "Go ahead. Sure it's safe."
do you people just not have TIVO??????

odd that this one only works with the mint-flavored

Pixie said...

Wow who knoew, that such everyday household objects could provide hours of fun for teenagers. Beats hanging around on street corners any day!
if it is possible to find any way to harm one's self, teenagers will find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Corp of Engines just banned those tube kites -- teenagers 30 feet in air, let go, hit water, essentially like hitting an off ramp

Scarlett said...

I'm glad to see we argee about severeal thing:

Coke over Pepsi
Windows over iMac
Teens have too much time on their hands.

Fun post. Now I have to try it.
GM over Ford
salad over soup
teens are using their hands too much of the time