Thursday, August 10, 2006

We're having a thunderstorm.

Rooty is afraid of thunder!
When it thunders, he hides on top of the sofa.
You can tell he don't look happy.
I have no idea why he thinks the sofa is a safe place.


Nicole said...

My dog used to hide under a glass table and watch me, thinking he would be invisible and safe there.
I love dogs!!!!! I left the vacuum cleaner in the hall, Rooty growls at it every time he walks past :)

Pixie said...

Aww poor guy, at least it didnt last too long. And on the brighter side you both missed the tornado storm too ;)
we missed the hail today but had the heavy rain, which we needed big time

Willow said...

Whether he's safe or not, it looks like he's picked a very comfortable spot to wait out the storm!
he likes to get on top of the back cushions and mush them down, they soft unlike most sofa backs

stan said...

Maybe Rooty feels the rumblings of thunder through the floor, and the padded couch shields him from that.
or, maybe he's just goofy