Friday, August 25, 2006

the secret square

I was not going to write about this, but something caused me to change my mind.

There is a site that I visit everyday, it's not a blog and it's not porn -- it is just a site with information that I find useful.

About three months ago, the site owner posted a notice that he could not continue to support the site and asked if anyone had ideas about how to raise money.

In the course of responding to several people, the site owner indicated how much the site was costing him to operate each month. It was not a large amount.

So, feeling that I was getting value from the site, I sent an email to the site owner offering to contribute three months of his operating costs. I thought that would give him enough time to try some other ideas.

Again, we are talking nickels and dimes.

He sent a reply email, not thanking me for my offer, but saying that he wanted me to spend the amount that I was going to contribute on Google ads. As best I understood what he was suggesting, he wanted me to buy an ad from Google, which he would then add to his site and collect click-through payments (from me, via Google).

I do have some photographs from a trip to Nuevo Laredo that people might pay to see but I cannot image what else he thought I could advertise.

His thinking seemed to be that an ad of mine would be like a "seed" that would give rise to a Royalty-Payment Empire of some sort.

It all annoyed me at the time. It has continued to annoy me since. So I thought I would annoy all of you with it. There, and now I do feel better.


starbender said...

Well- now I'm annoy'd at this hour! hahahaaaaaa...

Scammin & jammin.... there is sooo much of it in the world. Everyone is out 4 the Almighty Dollar! Instead of offering him money--U should of told him that blogger is free!
his site is not a blog, but how many people have you heard make significant money from those Google ads???????????????

Metal Mark said...

That does annoy me. If there is a new outlet of technoloy then give it a day or two and there will be people lining up to see how they squeeze money out of it. Which is why I tread lightly when dealing with any websites or people I don't know.

The Phoenix said...

No wonder this guy is broke. He has the financial I.Q. of an ear of corn.
it's the reason people get rich selling used cars

:P fuzzbox said...

What a bonehead. Google ads make little to nothing.
even if they paid 99%, he would still be getting less than what I offfered directly

moni said...

I think it is rude to use your friends to make money. You don't treat people that way.
I suppose you have to keep making new friends 'cuz you would sure lose the old ones fast