Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I need a new carthage for my printer

Our long-time blogger friend Stan is getting married -- either that or he's gotten really good with PhotoShop!

Scott had always told me that Stan had been rejected by all of the women in the Pacific and Mountain time zones and, sure enough, he had to go all the way to the Central time zone, to southwest Missouri, to find a fiancee. Her name is Nicole and she is very pretty and is from Carthage, Missouri. If you are not familar with Carthage, it is a little off the beaten path, they still refer to the Clampetts as them city folks.

And don't feel bad, "Stan's getting married so he'll have something to blog about" is the first thing that I thought also. You just know Stan's going to start a batch of new blogs: the myfamilyhadgivenupallhope.blogspot.com, the Iwentonmyhoneymoonandfound theserocksthatlooklikepresidents.blogspot.com, the youcannot throwoutmycollection ofeverystrawthatI'veeverused.blogspot.com.

Well, it will definitely be a wedding that Carthage will remember. The wedding vows will surely contain references to mis-printed package labels and wacky billboards -- and you just know Stan will want to exchange bar codes rather that rings.

In all seriousness, what all of us want to say, from the bottoms of our respective hearts, is "Run Nicole run!!!!"

ps. Rooty says "the best to both of you!"


Nicole said...

Gee, Jim, thanks for making me feel so great about my choice!

Of course, Stan and I have already started a new blog that's all about the wedding. However, I am thinking that we should create theblogthatlinkstoallofourotherblogssothatpeopledonthavetosearchtheentireinternetjusttofindus.blogspot.com.

Oh, and please tell Rooty thank you from us for the kind congratulations, and thank you for the sweet compliment!
before Branson was Branson, all that was there was Silver Dollar City -- there were BIG billboards along 44/66 with GIANT Clampetts saying that Silver Dollar City was were they were from -- the reference may have been too vague!!!!!!!

You should feel good about your choioce, and you got him to shave!!!!!

Bruce said...

Sorry Jim, but myfamilyhadgivenupallhope.blogspot.com has been taken; by me. ;-)

On a lighter note...congrats to Nicole and Stan. May you have a long and wonderful life together.
Bruce is available as a motivational speaker!!!!! :)

Scott said...

Jim, you can always find a way to make me laugh......
Glad you're back from vacation.

Big D said...

Lot of people getting married.
it's all that damn Viagra

The Phoenix said...

Actually, I did find some rocks that resemble Clinton, JFK, and George Bush Sr. I'd better grab that url before Stan does!
I don't have to go look, people just naturally throw them at my house