Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ok you women, you have to shut up...

Our Creep of the Day award goes to Rev. Timothy LaBouf of the First Baptist Church of Watertown, New York, for firing Mary Lambert as a Sunday School teacher.

Seems the preacher believes that a woman cannot teach boys and "must remain silent." Mary had taught Sunday School at the church for 54 years. Yes, 54 years!

Butthead didn't even have the balls to fire her face-to-face, he sent a letter to the 81 year-old woman (photo above).


Bruce said...

I wonder if his knuckles are bloody from dragging them on the ground...
the 81 year old lady and preacher boy are standing side by side and Jesus walks up, which one does he embrace and which one does he kick in the rear!!!!!!

Amy in StL said...

Well good thing he's in charge, he's obviously a paragon of truth.
I still think the letter is the sleaziest part

Ranea said...

What a douche bag!
the logical extension, of course, would be that if the Supreme Court evers allows the Ten Commandments (Protestant or Catholic version) in the public schools, all the teachers would have to be men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moni said...

He is a certifiable Asshole! Guys like him give men a bad name.

he gives assholes a bad name

Nicole said...

I'd say something witty, but really this just makes me angry! Does this idiot not realize that if it wasn't for women like this one, the church would have fizzled out and died years ago? What a moron!
actually there would not be a church -- Christianity spread so rapidly because, unlike the major Roman religions, it welcomed full participation by women -- as the church turned away from being Jewish and becoming more Roman, it naturally had to lessen the role of women -- when it became the state religion, the role of women had to be almost eliminated because the Roman army otherwise refused to accept it -- in other words, it was politics and chauvinism and not theology, as it still is

The Phoenix said...

I hope he's got enough balls for Mary to kick them. If anything, a woman is likely to be more nurturing and makes a great role model and teacher for your boys.

After 54 years, I'd say Ms. Lambert is more than likely to be an excellent Sunday school teacher.
I wonder if this means that 54 years worth of Sunday School kids are automatically going to hell?????? or the ministers who hired them???????? or the parents who al,lowed this outrage to happen?????????