Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don't cry for me David Beckham!

Am I the only one who cannot get caught up?

No, it's not because of my vacation. I was caught up before I left. I got quickly caught up after I returned.

But...starting about the middle of last week...what needs to be done is outpacing what gets done by 5 to 1!

The yard has become Jungle World, even with the drought.

The house, well, let's just say that I may have to go back to housecleaning with the leaf blower.

Rooty needs his hair trimmed. I need a haircut.

The mail is piled up in boxes, unopened, probably reverting to compost.

There is food in the frig that I don't remember buying, that is making it's own penicillin, and milk that has become yogurt.

The car won't fit in the garage because of the stuff that has somehow accumulated over the weekend.

I lost one of the cell phones. In the house. I can make it ring. But I still cannot find it.

Yesterday someone wanted to give me a puppy. I fear it may still be in here somewhere!


Ranea said...

I know what you mean. I don't understand how a house can get so messy considering your not even home. For a week after a vacation I am still living out of my suitcase.
I'd have a garage sale but there couldn't be anyone out there as stupid as I was to buy all this junk -- Rooty is no help, he keeps turning things over, and dragging toys out of his toy box!!!!!!!!

Amy in StL said...

It's amazing how fast chores pile up! Maybe it would be easier to move to a new house to start over and sell yours as is?
I have thought about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except that no one would buy mine "as is"

Meagan said...

If you had a garage sale, perhaps someone might buy the puppy, the cell phone and the yogurt and penicillan.
the puppy went home -- still have not found the cell phone -- it's more spoiled milk than yogurt -- anything in the frig that was not in a soda can when in the trash!!!!

Pixie said...

That picture of DB is priceless.

The phone will turn up when you least expect it ;)
I love really really rich guys who find things to cry about!!!!!

I am to look for the phone right now!!!!!

Scott said...

How many cell phones do you have????
I have three that work (a cheapie family plan), plus the one that went through the washing maching: one I use, one stays over in Missouri, and one lives in the car -- I brought the one from the car into the house but now I cannot find it, although I could hear it ring at first, I honestly have no idea where it is

moni said...

Just try to relax Jim. It will all get done in time. Yes, it is our Monsoon season and this time it is a "real" monsoon, lol. I hear rumblings of thunder as I write. Good luck with the cleaning up.
collect rain water in buckets, send FEDEX collect, drought here continues