Wednesday, August 16, 2006

To do or not to do

There were long lines inside the Athens, Georgia, McDonald's last Saturday. When an additional register was opened, two women from the back of one long line jump to the front of the newly-opened line. Many harsh words were directed at the two women by the people who had been waiting in the existing long lines but they held their ground. When the two women left the restaurant, their food in hand, a women who had been in one of the long lines hit them with her car. She had left the restaurant and was patiently waiting for them in the parking lot! She only bumped one of the women with her front fender but did knock her to the ground. I would have cheered. The Athens police apparently feel the same -- they know who the driver was but "haven't figured out what to charge her with." I love the South. Source: KXIA Athens

Meanwhile, yesterday, the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey resigned amid charges of ethics violations. Seems she showed up, just by chance of course, as the police were writing her boyfriend a traffic ticket. Surprise, surprise, "the boyfriend was allowed to drive home in an improperly registered vehicle, and despite questions about whether his license was suspended. The officers later tried to void two tickets they wrote him." And now for the good part: the Attorney General of New Jersey had outstanding "a dozen speeding tickets, three license suspensions and four bench warrants for her arrest." They made a good couple, the boyfriend, a lawyer, had ten license suspensions. I love politicians. Source: KXLY/AP


Ranea said...

I hate people that cut in line! Kudos to the driver!
Schnuck's (local grocery chain) does it all the time -- long line, open renew register, and take the person who has been waiting the least amount of time

Scarlett said...

Is it okay if I link to you? Your one of my only readers, but I understand if my content in not somehting you want to be linked to - I will not be upset. Let me know.
Scarlett -- click on your name in the list, it goes to a blogger bio page that has no links to a blog!!!!!!!


NOTE: I found Scarlett's blog: Scarlett's Letters

Amy in StL said...

Good for the lady at McDs! Really makes me miss The South, also makes me guess the people behind the counter probably spit in the food of the line jumpers.

And as for the other story, well it is Jersey!
what I really like is being in a long line, and then a clerk will open a register for someone that he/she knows!!!!!

sleepyrn said...

I like when a grocery checker opens a new line and then directs the one who has been waiting the longest into the new lane. It total cuts off at the knees the jerks who would jump in front.

As to the politician/lawyer....does no one have any sense of personal responsibility any more? Jersey or not. The Lt Gov of the esteemed state of SC was caught speeding twice (and I mean REALLY speeding.) No tickets were issued. The fall out included him not driving anymore but using a state driver, walking the two miles to his office. The officers who did not ticket him were reprimanded. At least they all accepted responsibility, and faced even those small "punishments" without whining
both the Republican and Democrat candidates for County Prosecutor in Jefferson County Missouri (part of the St. Louis metro area) have DWI/DUI records. Source: Post-Dispatch

moni said...

Politicians make their own rules. Our governor has State Troopers run him around at about 100 mph and even though the press takes pictures, it does not deter him.

I guess laws are for "all us little people". grrrr
imagine how fast the people who are not merely the hired help drive