Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'll have the Coke and Connubial Special, with fries.

One of yesterday's visitors to It's Jim got here by doing a Google search for "Amy and sonic getting married." You really have to wonder (1) what the hell that means, and (2) how that got the searcher to It's Jim?

I can partially answer the second question, but the answer raises even more questions. The Google search returned my post about Nicole and Stan pending nuptials, specifically the phrase in the post: "Stan's getting married so he'll have something to blog about."

So, I guess all we can do is wish Amy and Sonic, and Nicole and Stan, the best of good wishes. We can also hope that Amy's intended was so named Sonic because he's "extremely exciting and fast-paced" and not because of his career goals (see photo).


The Phoenix said...

Maybe the searcher meant Sonic the Hedgehog???
Phoenix -- I was expecting a Big Boom/Honeymoon joke from you :)

Andrew said...

Phoenix ... LOL

stan said...

Actually, Nicole and I were thinking of registering at Sonic. Maybe someone will get us a lifetime supply of Ocean Water?
oddly enough, onion rings is what I was planning for a wedding present