Saturday, May 13, 2006

Zelda would have saved me!

Maynard G. Krebs was in Walgreen's this evening (Saturday). In fact he and I were pretty much the only ones there.

As I went to the front to check out, I could see him standing at the check-out counter. Oddly, he didn't seem to be buying anything. Oddy, he mostly seemed to be flirting with the check-out girl. It was actually more than flirting, it was clear that they were boy friend and girl friend.

Did I mention the scruffy beard?

As I got closer, he did not move.

Did I mention the scruffy hair?

Only as I put my items on the counter did he move slightly to the left.

Did I mention the scruffy attitude?

He finally had to move a little more to let me get to the debit machine.

He didn't move far enough as far I was concerned. There is such a thing as personal space when you're entering your PIN number.

Maynard was actually Ivy League compared to this guy!

I look pretty scruffy myself most of the time.

Fortunately, however, someone taught me some manners.


:P fuzzbox said...

Sometimes I think that manners have become a vanishing concept.
the best questions is 'Where was the store manager?"

Meagan said...

manners and people who have no respect for personal bubbles
I have never trusted guys who make public displays of affection, who have to make sure everyone knows that they have a girl, lovie-dovie has it place but not over the checkout counter at Walgreen's

The Phoenix said...

You're very polite. I would've said something, although he probably had really strong B.O. and smelled of old hemp and armpit.

So I would've told him off from a distance.
I was going to send a complaint to Walgreen's via the website, but I did that just last week about the same store ("What's the point of 'Express Pay' if I have to sign a cc receipt?")

I figured he has at least a knife.