Sunday, May 07, 2006

The absolutely stupidest sport ever....

But actually fun to watch! (Video below)
Norwegian Ski Tree Jumping

"This sport is gaining popularity in Norway; ski tree jumping. It's all about getting as high as possible in the tree, as well as having a smooth landing."

That's right, the sport consists of skiing into trees!


The Phoenix said...

Sonny Bono is actually the Godfather of Skitrehopping.
please post your groans and hate mail directly on The Phoenix

-- you have to admire that tree, it takes a lick'n but keeps on standing there

:P fuzzbox said...

Until they actually start having endurance contests for sticking your tongue to a frozen light post. This has got a lock on the stupidest winter sport.
you're right, that's much stupider.

the guy who shot the video looked at the post last night but left no comment.