Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Your Inner-State

Business Week reports that a British insurance company suggests using Feng Shui to improve driver safety. One of the suggestions is to sprinkle sea salt crystals on the car floor to help "alleviate the negative feelings which can lead to road rage." Drivers of Hummers, of course, should sprinkle Viagra.


The Phoenix said...

Sea salt or Kosher salt will absorb the negative energy, but leave a nasty white residue on your apholstery.

I strongly recommend drivers instead search for some common sense.
'cuz the drivers on I-270 are known for their common sense :)

ObilonKenobi said...

I once illustrated a Feng Shui book. It was pretty funny. There seemed to be no sense whatsoever to the concept. Then again, I was only twenty-something years old and it paid me a ridiculous amount of money so what did I care. That said, no where in the book was a section on Lower You Auto Insurance And Better Driving, The Feng Shui Way. I can see the Geico commercials with the little lizard now.
I had a co-worker who had an expert Feng-Shui his office, he was still a jacka$$, the Feng Shui had absolutely no effect on that -- I would like to see the Aflac duck lunch on that lizard!