Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Name is Jimbob

I have seen part of one episode of My Name is Earl. It seems to be about some guy who won the lottery and travels around trying to undo "wrongs" in his past. He does this in lieu of spending some of the money on a day at Barneys and a decent haircut.

My short exposure to Earl and his tribulations caused me to wonder about what wrongs I should correct if I won the lottery, then I decided 'screw'em if they can't take a joke,' and I'd spend then money on myself.


Carnealian said...

I'm sure my wrongdoings are what's keeping me from winning the lottery, meeting the man of my dreams and not ever having to work again. Maybe going to hell is just easier!?!
hell or Earl, pick hell!

Spinster said...

I thought it was about a guy who won but lost the ticket and decided he had to fix his karma, or something like that.
that's even goofier than I thought it was -- shouldn't he be looking for the ticket instead of running all over the country (and razor blades are NOT that expensive)

The Phoenix said...

Karma has kicked my @$$ time and time again. Maybe I need to go on a similar pilgramage.
I thought it was the neighbors who took turns kickin your @$$


The Phoenix said...

My neighbors? They took me by surprise and jumped me. Who knew the elderly, sweet Jewish couple had ninja-skills???
says podcast to me

Bruce said...

I don't have enough time left in my existence on this planet to right all my wrongs, so I say screw 'em...
I'm going to make a list, with two columns, maybe I'll send some bills for mental anguish.

mollymcmommy said...

i thought earl was sexy and just plain ole cute to watch.
guess thats just me :)

oh my, I might have a third cousin for you, his parents were second cousins