Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lazy Ramadi, Crazy Rap

Music videos from combat zones -- my favorite thing!

Here are some previous videos.

This one is self-made, music and all.

The participants in this one ask for donations to be made to Disabled American Veterans, so I did, on Memorial Day, in memory of my father, who was a veteran.
Donations can also be made to
The U.S. Wounded Soldiers Foundation.

It's two white guys doing rap, so brace yourself.
Here a story about the video from ABC News.

Good luck to Josh and Matt -- Hope you guys get home safe!

1 comment:

Pixie said...

LOL, Funny.
My fave is the british army doing "is this the way to Amarillo".
the British one only took them two takes, amazing considering how many people are in it -- the Norwegian boy-band one is funny because boy-bands are so inherently funny -- this new one is great because they made it all up (based on the Saturday Night Live skit "Lazy Sunday" )