Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday afternoon in the hot tub?

Which of these Spring Break animals is you, or most like you. or most like you were?

I have a mental image of the regular visitors, both them that leave comments and them that don't.

The same picture is below with letters for each partier.


Amy in SC soon to be StL said...

I'd say I was "I" if she wasn't drinking water.
I figured you for an I, and if you had a brother he would be a K and you could beat him up

Spinster said...

I'd be H because I've never made a hand signal to a camera and I hate those sports bottle tops.
I would have thought more of a L because of the smile -- I did not notice the finger salute.

Spinster said...

And I'd be into A or G but D wouldn't leave me alone long enough to get their attention.

A & G, the two quiet guys, very interesting. I would have thought B because he has a little more presence to him, but I did get the "stands alone" part right.

Jeff said...

Yeah I don't post much anymore. I'd be A. He looks like he is peeing in the hot tub.
if he were peeing wouldn't he be a little more up out of the water :)
I figured he was trying to do something to M with his toe!

I would have thought you a N, yelling "par-tee"

Bruce said...

I'm the one taking the picture...
that would make you O's twin brother :)

Meagan said...

I might be H, the one with the "what am I doing in this hot tub and who are all these people?" face.

love meagan
I would pick H for you, or a female C, since both look the most musical (C looks the most piano-player-ish) -- the question about H, where exactly is her left hand????? :)

jnickola said...

I think I'd be G. He doesn't look like he's entirely sure he wants to be there, and he's edging to the side so as to make a quick getaway. Plus also he has the fullest beer there, because he's a wimp and it's going to take him all afternoon to finish it, if he does finish it, which is not a given.

Too much?
My image of you was more was more F, stand in the back but make sure to be noticed -- maybe I was influenced by the tattoo, a walking cartoon! :)

Pixie said...

Im the person just off screen next to G. I hate to have my photo taken.

Jeff said...

Mmmm M.

you are most like M?????

Mr. Toast said...

I would be "C", the slightly nerdy-looking guy who is actually way cool. The sunglasses being a dead giveaway.

Oh, and I would be totally trying to get Ms. "M" to take her top off.

Good times.