Sunday, May 21, 2006

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time

Police arrested a 32 year-old man in St. Louis County over the weekend. They found him naked, tied to a tree. He had paid two boys to fire "bottle rockets toward his buttocks." (A neighbor is quoted as saying "It hits real close to home" but I don't think she specifically meant the bottle rockets.) The ages of the two boys were not given but police did say this type of activity had been going on for two years. He was charged with statutory sodomy and sexual misconduct involving a child.

The photo above is James Dean, not the bottle rocket guy. Dean liked to have older men put out cigarettes on his chest (750-degrees F to 1,300-degrees F when drawing), that's why there are so few photographs of him without his shirt. The picture above is one of the few exceptions. I have alwasy thought Dean and those cigarettes were the strangest sexual thing that I had ever heard, but I do believe bottle rocket guy wins, pants down.


:P fuzzbox said...

Well I think it's going to be a long long time before touch down brings him round here this time. To find he's just the kind of perv we think he is at all. Cause He's the rocket man.

It's a sick world and this guy is bound to have sore butt cheeks.
Fuzz left two comments, but only one appeared -- so I copied it from the email notification and added it above.

Bruce said...

What a butthead...
if nothing else, he's really, really going to like prison

Pixie said...

What a sicko..
and I never knew that about JD :0
his nickname was "Ashtray"

ObilonKenobi said...

The truth is out about James Dean! I can't understand what pleasure someone get from extreme pain like that. I mean in the ass, maybe, but at his ass? What the hell is that about.
Dean apparently liked to do extreme things -- today he would probably be an extreme sports superstar