Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This is the Taco Bell that became a bank...

I have mentioned it in several posts.
The Taco Bell moved to a larger building on a larger lot across the street.
The drive-thru window is still in the same place.
The guardrail by the drive-thru is the edge of the bank property (the white truck is at an auto repair place).
The building with the red and white stripes is the car wash.
The blue thing is part of the car wash.
The van below it in the photo is in the bank parking lot.
Notice the classy painted signs on the front windows of the bank.
Denaro BellGrande!


:P fuzzbox said...

But can you get a check cashed with extra hot sauce?
some guy robbed it a couple years ago, it was like kicking a puppy!!!!

jnickola said...

That could be a good candidate for notfoolinganybody.com
wow -- you win for knowledge of obscure websites!

I really like your cartoons!

after it was a Taco Bell, it was a fish place before it became the bank. the fish place was run by fundamentalist Christians, it was called "Fish Heaven" and featured pictures of fish surrounded by crosses (I think the idea was supposed to be fish who found salvation) -- the slogan on the sign was "Our fish died happy"

Meagan said...

New Song, my church, leased an old bank building for a couple years. The children met in the vault. The ATM was boarded up. We used the drive-through window to give out hot coffee in the mornings and pray for people who didn't want to come inside. hahahaha it was pretty silly but cool too
I have seen churches in strip malls and, of course, there are many in St. Louis in old movie theaters -- the local school auditoriums are used for church services every Sunday (since, I guess, separation of church and state does not apply in Illinois) -- there was a church in Colorado that was only for people on skiis but the link no longer works (clearly a meltdown of either snow or faith!!!!)

Mr. Toast said...

The First Bank of Taco Bell doesn't bother me much. The ones in trailers are what make me nervous. I can't shake the fear that one day when I come to withdraw my money, the entire bank will have just been hauled down the highway to the next town full of suckers.
Toast know of what he speaks! my bank in Austin was in a building that a pawn shop had been in until the pawn shop needed to move to a larger building -- when the bank needed to expand, they tacked a regular house trailer to the side of the bank