Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some Pictures from Sunday's Trip to Missouri

Photo above: Why would they paint "no passing in either direction" yellow stripes all the way to the end of a deadend street? Is there a lot of traffic that continues up and down that hill?

There are no signs that say "Street Ends" or "Dead End," which would seem to have been a much wiser use of the paint!

The photo below is the side-street that you see to the left in the first photo. It also has "no passing in either direction" yellow stripes.

The yellow stripes literally go all the way to the end of the pavement (next photo)! Why? To prevent cars from passing before they crash into the woods? To prevent cars coming out of the buck-brush from passing even slower moving cars coming out of the buck-brush? I have absolutely no explanation for this one.

And, yes, the object at the bottom of the first photo is a body part!


Pixie said...

LOL, its nice to see peoples tax dollars put to such good use.
it is very difficult to even imagine what they were thinking

Amy in SC soon to be StL said...

My favorite one in Southern Missouri was a road that used to go straight or dead end, but a sharp curve to the left was now there and the lines had never been repainted. So at night, when it's dark in out-state Missouri, if you followed the lines you'd go straight into the woods. I wish I'd taken a picture of it....
one of MODOT's little jokes!

this was always my favorite, but part of it might have been corrected --
Illinois Route 3 is three lanes in each direction of I-270 to Granite City -- it is a major route for Illinois commuters to get to downtown St. Louis -- at present, traffic has to cross the ancient McKinley Bridge (which might still be closed for repairs), it was a trolley bridge across the Mississippi and carried Route 66 across the river -- at some point years ago, Illinois decided to build a new bridge, but never did -- what they did build, however, were the ramps leading from Route 3 to where the new bridge would have been -- for years, the stripes were painted on Route 3 as if the ramps were thru traffic, with the two right lanes southbound curving onto the "ramp" -- northbound, the highway is still striped as if there was traffic coming off the phantom bridge -- the center of this google map is that ramp, it you zoom in three steps you can see the stripes, the other ramp is just to the NW with cars and trucks parked on it

:P fuzzbox said...

They probably just had some extra paint and did not know what to do with it. Saving the environment one yellow stripe at a time.
I especially like that they're no passing zones!

The Phoenix said...

Maybe the road painter guy was a Nazi perfectionist and had to make sure it went all the way to the grass.

I'm relived that was a body part at the bottom of that picture. I thought maybe it was a ghost.
the Ghost of Highway Workers Past -- or the hitman MODOT has hired to wack me