Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Next they're going to pick on pilots and surgeons!

According to USA Today, a citizen panel says Oregon legislators and staff members should not be drunk while performing their official duties.

Aren't there some things that you just should not have to say?

Crime Victims United suggested the radical policy after its members smelled alcohol on the breath of at least one legislator who was advocating tougher drunken-driving penalties.

This might explain why Oregon has a State Dirt (Jory).


Jay said...

Ooh, that one gave me stitches.
But it makes me a little sad because if you have to say it...I guess it wasn't obvious to everyone.
if I had to live in the sleezy world of politics, I'd drink too!

:P fuzzbox said...

They have a state dirt? That is amazing. They could have state sponsered mud wrestling in the official dirt. That would be a sure fire source of revenue.
The New Jersey legislature, which has no other problems to worry about, is supposed to vote on its "State Dirt" this week -- when asked why, one legislator said "Becuae it will promote agriculture." Exactly how was not clear. 21 states have official dirts.

The Phoenix said...

Holy crap that's funny. Missouri has a state drug: meth.
I was at the drug store yesterday and the woman ahead of me was buying cold tablets, it would have been easier for her to have bought a thermo-nuclear device!

Missouri was a big bootleg state (lots of hidden valleys, lots of people who knew how to make booze), the same families tended to be the drug dealers in the 60's and 70's, I assume they are the big Meth producers today, the amateurs tend to blow up themselves and their houses.

Bruce said...

You know what the state flower of West Virginia is? The satellite dish...
the old joke is that the state bird of Texas is the construction crane

Meagan said...

Yay for Oregon! I live in the smart state.
but if you left would it still be

stan said...

With all of the microbrews here, it's a wonder we're not all drunk simply by inhaling beer particles in the air.
it would explain some of your many, many blogs :)