Tuesday, May 30, 2006

dog's life

If you turn on a fan, a dog will sit in front of it, as close to it as he can!

The AC is on. The ceiling fan is on. He could not possibly be hot!

Could he be any closer?


Spell NYRA said...

Awww. Looks like what my cat was doing the other day. Hehehe.
you wonder what they think it is???

Scott said...

Must be rough!!
being the 'watch dog' is hot exhausting work, and then there're the drunks

The Phoenix said...

Maybe he just likes the feeling of flowing wind through his wirey hair. Like Mariah Carey.
with those spit-curls, it would take a hurricane

Pixie said...

I agree he likes to feel the wind through his hair. My dog used to come whenever I used the hairdryer I used to have to pretend to dry him...
Rooty thinks hair dryers are just small leaf blowers, so he flings himself upon them

Amy in SC soon to be StL said...

Heh! My A/C isn't working right in my apartment but I'm only here for another week and it only get up to 77 in the place, so I'm not worrying about it. I thought that's why Rex lays inches from the fan. Now I know he's just an air hog.

moni said...

Nearly 9 years ago we obtained this adorable puppy from the Pound. She turned into a beautiful Belgium Malinois about 120lbs. When we first got her, she was approx. 2 months old and we gave her a little food dish with dry puppy chow and a small round pink pillow. It was July and hot in NM. She would pick up her food dish and put it in front of the fan, go get her little pillow and put it in front of the fan and then put herself right there too. So darn cute for a little puppy. Dogs know what they like.
smarter than 99% of the people that I know!!!!