Saturday, June 25, 2005

In Case of Fire, Panic and Scream Hysterically

The picture above shows how well the stairwell is marked as an Exit on the third floor of a medical building that I visited recently. The medical building is attached to a hospital by a bridge. You can see the buttons for the elevator on the right. Above the buttons is a sign that says not to use the elevator in case of fire. Included on the side is the international symbol for "use stairs in case of fire." The insert picture is from the inside of the elevator and also contains this symbol and message. The picture below shows the same stairwell door, with the EXIT sign above it. Note the sign right next to the door.The insert in the photo is a close up of the sign next to the stairwell door. As you can see, it clearly indicates that the stairwell is "Not an exit." So, the door is an exit until you get close to it and then it's not an exit. Nothing confusing about that! So, as best I can tell, the procedure in case of an emergency is to proceed as quickly as possible to a stairwell door, sit on the floor next to it, place your head between your legs, and kiss your a** goodbye.

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