Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yesterday was a high stress day!

Rooty the Dog and I went to McDonald's about 11:30 last night. When it was my turn in the drive-thru, I ordered "two pickles and an extra-large Coke."


The Phoenix said...

Two pickles???

You should've asked for just a potato.
I was going to say "two cheeseburgers without pickles" but all that came out was "two pickles"

Bruce said...

What, no Rock Lobster?
no, but I love their new album

Metal Mark said...

Did you intend for the sourness of the pickles to offset the sweetness of the Coke?
I HATE hamburger pickles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I does love my Coca-Cola

Anonymous said...

But what did Rooty order?
they always give him a dog biscuit, plus he gets cheeseburger bits