Saturday, December 02, 2006


SATURDAY AFTERNOON: lost power Thursday due to ice storm -- major tree damage but house ok -- keeping warm with fireplace -- limb crushed on car and three house roofs on my street -- 500,000 without electric in Illinois due to storm -- will post pictures later -- Rooty and I are ok
SATURDAY EVENING: power still out, 78% of my ZipCode still out -- fireplace keeps family room about 65 degrees so that's fine -- I drained water from pipes in all but basement (I know it's cold but I'm still going to shower!!!!), and put antifreeze in all the drains except in the basement -- candles in bathroom and kitchen, powerpak keeps one lamp going in the family room -- I have a battery-operated TV with a 2 inch square screen -- the good news is that both McDonald's in town have power so we won't starve -- the street are clear, as are the highways, Illinois does a terrific job on snow/ice removal -- some photos of my yard are below.
LATER SATURDAY EVENING: spent enough time in Missouri to charge the powerpak and cook Rooty some warm food, heading home now with a couple cases of logs in the trunk.

This poor pine lost all its limbs except on the south side. It's a big tree so I'll have to give some thought to whether or not it gets removed.

The white birch got turned into a weeping willow, hiding the front gate and the mailbox.

This is a close up showing how the ice bent the white birch over. Only one broke, but we won't know if the rest can be saved until the ice melts.

The line of maples on the west side had little damage, go figure!

I wanted to show the ice damage to the trees around the lake, but the phone cam just wasn't up to that. Send hot coals! Jim


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that. Good thing you have the fireplace!
it only heats out about six feet, but life can take place in six feet, like being in solitary.

Bruce said...

Glad to know you're ok, Jim. Hopefully, everyone else is, too. The storm system looked like it was going to hit us, but it turned north and stayed on the other side of the mountains.
a good day for you to buy a Lotto ticket!!!

Scott said...

This is the same storm that we had up here earlier. I'm glad you and Rooty are doing fine.
that would explain the cat hair in the ice :)