Monday, December 04, 2006

the power is back on

the toilet seats will soon be warm again


Bruce said...

Nuthin' better than a warm toilet seat..
a toilet seat at 22 degrees is that fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Getting snowed in is fun, but not without electricity!! Glad yours is back did you stay warm? How did Rooty stay warm? Can you get out of the house?
the street and roads are clear, except for the downed tree limbs, Illinois really knows how to dump salt on a roadway!

the fireplace made stying in the house possible -- many of the neighbors hooked generators up to run their furnaces and refrigerators

The Phoenix said...

I'm here in Illinois (probably 40 min. east of you) and it's amazing how different of a storm you had over here.

Back in the Missouri side, we got a ton of ice, and then another 5 inches of snow on top of that.

Here in IL...the trees looked SILVER. I'm glad your house didn't get smashed by any falling tree trunk-like limbs.
the image below shows what Phoenix is talking about -- it's the electric company showing the remaining outages -- I drew the red line to show about where the switch from serious snow to serious ice took place -- we had about 2 inches of ice (which adds about 70 pounds to an average tree limbs, west of the line in Missouri they had up to 17 inches of snow --

Phoenix is right, the trees are beautiful, deadly, but beautiful

Metal Mark said...

We have never had the power go out when it was really cold before. That would be tough.
I think the outage this summer with 100-degree heat was actually worse, if for no other reason than the McDonald's being closed

Amy in StL said...

Ha, that was the worst part about helping my parents clean up on Friday. Everytime I went inside to use the facilities the toilet seat was soooo cold. Glad I never lost power.
it was in the low teens for three nights, so everything was cold to the touch

stan said...

Whenever I think of warm toilet seats, I think, "Some random guy just used this public toilet, ewwwww"...
good thing I closed the public toilet in my house :)

stan said...

It snowed anywhere from 7 to 12 inches in Carthage, depending on who you's taken the city forever to clear the roads...from what I've heard, the city's policy is, "If God is going to make this mess, He can clean it up." I spent three hours Friday morning digging a road from the garage to the street, and the street was worse. Four days later, most of the main roads are dry, which is good for the road workers on US 71B, so they can get back to the urgent task of blocking the right lane for no apparent reason. Merry Christmas
the usual trick of all city workers is to blade the street right after you have shoveled you driveway, thereby creating a fresh wall of snow and ice between you and the street --

RE 71 -- now you realized that I have never exaggerated about MODOT (in addition to "Take T to Z to ZZ to AP, not the AP in this county but the completely unconnected AP in the next county...")

stan said...

The funny part is, my method of clearing the driveway was just to drive back and forth in a straight line, using the car as a plow, extending the ruts a few feet back each time. Problem was, my whole road about two degrees off from straight, so eventually I started to drift into the grass, and about 150 feet out, I got stuck. So my father-in-law and I freed the car (Ford Focus, no chains) and just used the snow shovel for the rest of it.

From that point on (until last night), instead of garaging the car, we parked it at the street end of the driveway each night and walked to the house. Finally, the snow began to melt, but since the old ruts were still over the grass, I've had to plow a new corrected road over the gravel so I don't ruin the lawn.
so, he didn't lose a daughter, he gained a yard-boy!!! :)