Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gift Cards Have Become The New Fruitcakes

Stores really like to sell gift cards to you, primarily because a relatively high percentage of the ungrateful bums that you give them to never bother to redeem them. The recipients of your benevolence, when they do get off their lazy butts, also tend to buy more stuff than the value of their cards.

On the other hand, can you really spend $100 at Just Bulbs or The Licorice Store?

Well, to the rescue!

Where you can buy gift cards at a discount!

Where you can sell your gift cards for a small fee!

Where you can trade gift cards with others who don't want theirs!

And where you can sell your gift cards directly to Plastic Jungle at a discount!

It's terrific! Plastic Jungle has figured out a way to make money off of your greedy but u
nappreciative relatives and friends!!!!

Is this a great country or what?


Amy in StL said...

I have a cousin who refuses to use gift cards. This year he asked his father if grandma could please just give him cash; because last year, "It was like I didn't get a gift at all since she gave me a gift card!" She actually felt guilty. Shame on him for making an 80 year old woman feel guilt. Oh, and everytime she's ever gotten him an actual gift, he's returned it for cash. Did I mention he and his wife both have good jobs?
the rule on presents is simple, say thanks you and shut up -- if it's not something that you want then save it and re-gift it

The Phoenix said...

It's genius!

Gift cards are a wonderful cash cow for stores.
that's why their right in front of the stores

:P fuzzbox said...

Now I know where to trade a Sears gift card for an adult film card. Thanks.
maybe someone thought you wanted to buy ropes and chains :)

Metal Mark said...

I love gift cards. Although the only ones I have ever gotten were for the kids when they were born. Every Christmas and birthday for the last three years I asked my wife for a gift card to the record store and I have yet to get one.
that's so sad