Sunday, December 03, 2006

my first cell phone to blogger post

|There are still almost 9,000 customers (households and businesses)
without power in my Zipcode. My little part of the electric grid serves
397 customers. The power went out Thursday evening.

|Restoring power in electric-company talk progresses from /order
received/, to /order assigned/, and then finally to power /back on/.

At present we are at "Order is being investigated" -- I'm assuming
that's something before "order received."

The cause of our particular outage is still unknown and there is no
estimated restoration time.

We lost cable before the electric went out but the landline telephone
has always worked.

Because of the windows on the south side, the house gets quite warm
during the day (about 70 degrees F). It will start cooling again when
the sun goes down.

I got out the sleeping bag so we could sleep closer to the fire tonight,
Rooty thinks we're going camping and immediately went and got his leash.


:P fuzzbox said...

Fire good!!!
booze better

David Amulet said...

That's a lot of power outages. And your first cell phone post came across not looking half bad. Hang in there!
it's the so-so cell-to-blogger method, the better text message-to-blogger will not work with Verizon Wireless

moni said...

St. Louis area had such problems with the summer thunderstorm too, do you think that more underground utilities would help??