Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This does explain a few things...

Reuters - U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country's largest cash crop, bigger than corn and wheat combined.


Pixie said...

Hee, I wouldn't know where to get a hold of it, but then I have led a sheltered life....
I was always a beer man

The Phoenix said...

Yup, our cash crop is marijuana. I bet Monsanto is working to create a more potent hybrid or something.
that's when it would be made legal :)

Bruce said...

Frito-Lay and Little Debbie are thanking their lucky stars, too.
took me a little time, but dah I finally got it LOL

:P fuzzbox said...

If they made whiskey illegal then corn might catch up.
if they made importing oil illegal, corn would soar